Business Series: Incorporating wellness tourism into equine businesses

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Course Summary:

Wellness Tourism is a growing niche market both within Australia and worldwide. Opportunities for well-being group retreat sessions either 1-2 hours or a full day or longer program are generating interest. Equine businesses would be smart to take up the opportunities that this involves. Join us for a 1 hour session, to discover what this is all about.


As a way of giving back to Australian Indigenous communities, there is a 25% discount off the investment offered for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. Utilise the code Scholarship in the checkout.

What our client say:

“Having recently purchased a property in the picturesque area of Sheffield in Tasmania we have been wondering how we might more fully develop and utilise our property into some type of care farm whereby we can utilise what we have Iearned over the decades with horses and more recently obtained skills around Equine Assisted Learning to provide an opportunity for others to share in what we have. We wanted to be able to share what we have with the property and surrounds with others and provide an opportunity for people facilitate their recovery from life’s challenges and also provide income that will sustain us into our dotage. We feel that the outlook of the property and its location are ideally be suited for people looking to take a bit of a break from the rat race in a healthy, encouraging and healing type of environment.

The course provide by Bianca opened my eyes to the potential of wellness tourism and particularly what is currently spent globally in the pursuit of wellness, happiness and a healthier life. Through the hour of the course Bianca effectively laid out the scope, potential and some of the opportunities available to us. We feel that wellness tourism may well be an avenue that can allow us to both provide a healthy caring environment, pass on knowledge that will help others weather life’s journey in a better way along with providing an income stream.

I believe the time and investment of participating in this course will pay dividends for us in the future”. – Tom Vernham

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Business Series: incorporating wellness tourism into equine businesses