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Access quality personal and professional development, from any where in the world from the comfort of your home. Warida Wholistic Wellness is an international Indigenous social enterprise. Our online courses have been changing lives across Australia and globally.

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Discover your Assertiveness in 12 Weeks: Find your Voice and Change your Life

Wanting to improve your confidence / levels of assertiveness without a huge investment of your time and resources? This 12 session course delivered over 12 weeks, is perfect for improving your skills.


HORSE RIDERS: Discover your Assertiveness in 12 Weeks: Find your Voice and Change you AND your horse’s Life

Wanting to improve your level of Assertiveness when coping with dominant personalities in the horse stables? This is the perfect course for all equestrians wanting to improve their skills. Delivered over a 12 week period.


Let’s Get Business Planning for Equine Assisted Businesses

Having a strong and clear direction in your business is a key to being successful. This masterclass is for Equine Assisted Psychotherapists and Equine Assisted Learning Practitioners to complete their Business Model Canvas.


Demystifying NDIS for Equine Assisted Businesses – post 1/7/2022

NDIS Masterclass, designed for Equine Assisted Psychotherapists and Equine Assisted Learning Practitioners. Post 01/07/2022


Recovery from Bushfires with Equine Assisted Psychotherapy (free webinar replay) – Warida Wholistic Wellness

Bushfires can be an absolute tragic experience. What if you were able to access Equine Assisted Psychotherapy with your own horses to help promote the healing process? Bianca from Warida Wholistic Wellness tells us how in this FREE webinar replay!


30 Days to Self Discovery

Who are you? ...... What is your purpose?
Bianca Stawiarski from Warida Wholistic Wellness takes you on a journey of inner exploration through Self-Discovery.


Business Series: Incorporating wellness tourism into equine businesses

Wellness Tourism is a growing niche market both within Australia and worldwide. Opportunities for well-being group retreat sessions either 1-2 hours or a full day or longer program are generating interest. Equine businesses would be smart to take up the opportunities that this involves. Join us for a 1 hour session, to discover what this is all about.


Business Series for Equine Businesses Course Bundle

Want to access our transformative online courses at a reduced investment? Bundle them! You can access these great courses and pay less - winning all around. 🙂